As you know, our main focus since the pandemic hit has been maintaining our teams safety and coming up with creative ways of ensuring their income. The Spirits of Creation Bucket Hats are one of them. 

Witnessing the resilience of Allpamama, Mother Earth, as she flourished during shutdown was incredibly inspiring. It felt like a reflection of our creative resilience as a team. After all, we’re made of the same building blocks as Mother Nature, Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

       In the Andean cosmovision, these are not just “elements”. They are our grandfathers and grandmothers. Their spirits are female and male, Mamas and Taytas. They each grant us characteristics and rule over different aspects of ourselves. If we connect with them within us, we can communicate and learn how to use their gifts and power. 

       With this understanding we reconvened as a team to connect with, and express gratitude to each of the spirits through ceremony, meditation, play and food. That day was captured on video by Valentina Pozo, who created the magical short film above. 


       The Spirits of Creation Bucket Hats are a collection of four designs, representing each of the Spirits of Creation through hand-embroidered illustrations. The fabric is upcycled denim, which we acquired through a jeans drive from our friends and clients. 


       For each embroidered hat, the artisans receive payment that is 25% above market price. In addition, $5.50 per hat is donated to a fund that will finance eye care and glasses for embroiderers who need them in order to continue working their craft. For every 5 hats sold, one woman will be benefited.


       If you feel inclined, we invite you to pick a hat that calls you and take it as an opportunity to develop a relationship with the Spirit of Creation that it represents. Each hat proposes an exercise for connection. You can find our new Embroidered Bucket Hats here.


Mama Yaku. Mother of emotions.


In the womb of my mother you were my first home.


I feel you running through my blood, Mother Water, 

like you run in the rivers, veins of the planet.


Thank you for being in me. 


Mother Earth, Allpamama.


My roots inhabit you.


Thank you for holding me like a tree

antenna that connects the skies and soil.


I give you the weight of my body. 


Transform what does not serve me.

Sintonize my vital energy.


Tayta Nina, father fire, grandpa sun.


Transcended consciousness that burns my heart.


Enter our bodies, illuminate all of its corners.


Fire of transformation,

make us ashes so that we can rise from them when the day is new. 

DSC08154 (1).jpg

Tayta Waira, grandfather air.


Gust of life. Breath of creation. 

I inhale inspiration. I exhale creation. 


Carry in your body, towards all of the universe, this simple message:


We are here. 

Appearances in "Spirits of Creation" are of Estela Cacoango Perachimba, Transito Noquez Perugachi, Anita Arango Perugachi, Dolores Perugachi Ponce, Victoria Perugachi Ponce, María Carmen Casco Colta, Nathaly Lisbeth Gualacata Noquez, María Puente Silva and Vanessa Alarcón Borja, all members of the team. Special thanks to team member Valentina Pozo, the powerful one woman team that created this film, and to our wonderful and incredibly talented friend Nicolas Alexander, aka SOIOS, for the sound design.