Matico Halter Dress

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MATERIALS: 100% hand-woven cotton fabric. Vintage crêpe lining. Hand-embroidered with naturally dyed cotton thread.

FIT & FEEL: A perfect summer dress that styles your silhouette. Use the straps on the back to adjust the fit to your waist. The side slits give your legs room to be confortable.

Hand-woven in Peguche, Ecuador at the Huarmi Maqui workshop. Assembled by hand by Hadid Vargas, Daniela Llulluna, Patricia Ninahualpa and Nelly Aguayo at our studio in Quito, Ecuador.

Please expect slight variations in color and pattern on our garments, which makes them unique.
Delivery window: 2-3 weeks
For orders to the USA: 2-5 days shipping with DHL
For orders to Ecuador: 1-3 day shipping with Servientrega

Rest of the world - Shipping will be available soon!

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