Embroidered Cross Shirt

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MATERIALS: 100% cotton, woven in the pedal loom. Hand embroidered with plant dyed cotton thread.

FIT AND FEEL: This shirt hugs you as tightly or loosely as you wish. It has a very soft feel against your skin. Wrap it around your waist and tie it the in front or back. You can also wear it as a light jacket by tying it in the front with a t-shirt or turtleneck underneath.

DETAILS: Only black available, brown is sold out. Pick between one of the 3 embroidery designs. Thread colors might vary slightly.

Fabric is handwoven by Huarmi Maqui in Peguche, Ecuador.

Hand-embroidered in Angla by Estela Cocacoango or Tránsito Nóquez.

Assembled in Quito by Daniela Llulluna, Hadid Vargas y Patricia Ninahualpa.

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