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MATERIALS: Body - hand woven in the pedal loom with 50% hand-spun organic wool and 50% cotton. Sleeves - 100% cotton. Hand-carved tagua seed buttons.

FIT & FEEL: Comfiest, most versatile jacket in 100% natural fibers.

Assembled by hand by Hadid Vargas, Daniela Llulluna, Patricia Ninahualpa and Nelly Aguayo at our studio in Quito, Ecuador.

Hand-embroidered in Angla by Estela Cocacoango, Tránsito Nóquez or Ana Anrango.

Please expect slight variations in color and pattern on our garments, which makes them unique.
Delivery window: 2-3 weeks
For orders to the USA: 2-5 days shipping with DHL
For orders to Ecuador: 1-3 day shipping with Servientrega

Rest of the world - Shipping will be available soon!

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