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April 13, 2020

Dear Family,


We’re testing something unprecedented, as we’re living unprecedented times. 


Following our wish for sustainable fashion to be financially accessible for more people, and the wish to maintain our team’s income while they work safely from home, we’ve decided to run an experiment:


For a limited time (might be three days? A week?) you can pick your price for all Allpamamas garments. If you’ve been eyeing a special piece, now is a great time to get it! 


Please note: There’s no shame in picking the lowest price. Indeed, it’s a greatly appreciated contribution. Covering our costs is all we can wish for at the time.


Sending you all much love.



Co-founder & CEO

April 23, 2020



Dear Family,


Ten days ago we launched the option to Pay What You Can for all Allpamamas garments. Many of you have been asking how this experiment is going, and we're happy to share the results.

We have sold 10 garments in the last 10 days. One was purchased at full price, four at medium price, and five at minimum price. We consider these good results - if we continue at this pace until lockdown is over, we'll be able to pay out team's salaries and stay afloat!


Additionaly, many of you have been sharing your appreciation for this innitiative and curiosity regarding the results. We thank you infinitely for your feedback and support. Sharing our content on social media helps more than you can imagine - please keep it coming so we can continue to pass on10 garments every 10 days!

I will continue to share updates - stay tuned.


Big hug to all.


Co-founder & CEO