An open letter / reflection from co-founder & CEO, Vanessa Alarcón Borja


April 3, 2020 



Dear Family,     

       We’re on the verge of a massive shift. This year has shaken up how we perceive pretty much everything. Many are in fear, eyes set on old power structures, expecting to be handed a solution. Others are sensing an opening, understanding that this is our chance to challenge outdated systems through determined action towards a conscious future. Those of us aboard that second ship will forge the path towards the New Earth.


      How will we get there? By recognizing that our collective action is the second most powerful force on Planet Earth, only after Mother Nature herself*. While exploring how our organization can scale its social and environmental impact during this time of change, I felt inspired to share my reflections openly.


      Allpamamas’ mission is to Elevate Consciousness Through Fashion. Our purpose is to make clothing that protects the Earth, empowers women and defends tradition. It’s difficult for many to perceive fashion as a space for true change - the word “fashion” itself feels polluted because of how artificial the industry has become. Yet this wasn’t always the case. Ancient cultures perceived it as a symbolic language that spoke about who they were and told their story. To the Incas, clothing was sacred, imprinted with colors and symbols that expressed individual affinities. Weaving was how they recorded their collective wisdom. Isn’t that special?


      Fashion is a language, it’s about expressing our essence as individuals and sub-cultures that belong to a larger whole. It’ is also a powerful medium through which one can witness the value of conscious production. We can choose to wear the Earth, or wear plastic. We can choose to direct our money towards an artisan working in dignity, or fund a sweat shop.


      The difference is palpable. Our clients have shared how powerful and protected they feel when they wear our natural garments: clothes that are  infused with humanity, made by the hands of women who are in a constant exchange with Pachamama, conceived in their homes surrounded by mighty volcanoes and breathing forests.


      We will continue to Elevate Consciousness Through Fashion, and intend to take it beyond the garments and into conversations with our community. Starting now, our platforms will host an exploration of the modern and ancestral, the simple and profound ways to get on the higher road towards New Earth. Through thoughtful voices, stories and resources, we wish to engage with you in conversations that will guide our journey towards the greatest possible future.


      If this resonates with you - brands, organizations, academics, individuals - we encourage you to reach out, even if only to say ‘hi’. We’re here to hold hands and figure out the new paradigm, together. Remember: our collective action is the (second) most powerful force on Planet Earth. This will be a challenging journey, and we are eager to embrace it. Our souls are ready to do this together – can you feel it?


With much love,




* NOTE: The original versión of this phrase was “Our collective action is the most powerful force on Planet Earth”. When María finished editing and translating this reflection, she had one personal disagreement: “For me, nothing is more powerful than Mother Nature herself”.Of course, I unquestionably agree. See, we’re already learning!

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