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The Macana, Ecuador's version of Ikat, was declared Cultural Heritage of our country in 2015 by UNESCO.

Some of the threads enter the loom already colored, but the final shapes and figures of the fabric are created in the dyeing process thanks to some knots with cabuya (American agave fiber) that, strategically placed, prevent the moored areas get colored again.
Andean ceramic jars conserve the natural pigments, until they are used.

IKAT: 100% hand woven cotton, plant dyed (with the exception of the 3 garments that have black, which is synthetic)



Buttons - coconut shell

Lining - vintage crepe

Jacket sleeves: wool


The ikat textile, also known as ‘makana’, was handmade by 5th generation weaver Carmen Orellana in Bullcay, Azuay province. She was awarded the Excellence in Artisanship prize by UNESCO. Carmen was involved in establishing Ikat weaving as Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of Ecuador, which protects the craft from appropriation by other groups. Watch our video documenting Carmen's work here.