An open reflection: Creating during confinement


July 5, 2020 



“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking

we used when we created them”

- A. Einstein


Welcome to a time outside of time, where the only certainty is this present moment. Welcome to a space outside of space, where the shatters of an old reality wait to be reassembled through our conscious design.


Thank you for being here to celebrate with us the product of our team’s creative escape during confinement. It’s been one crazy ride. Just being a human during this time-space is one crazy ride. Above all, we are amazed by the personal and collective growth that this collection has gifted us, and we’d like to share some of those reflections with you as an open dialogue and perspective exchange.


When our freedom to create sees boundaries, can we be imaginative enough to continue creating? Reflection on creating during confinement: 


With no physical interaction between our team members, we managed to share creative exchange and dissolve the perceived boundaries of producing during confinement. Each garment travelled between at least 3 of our team member’s homes to be finished. We used anything we could get our hands on as raw materials: fabrics from the late 1960’s from Creative Director María Puente Silva’s personal collection, upcycled jeans donated by our community, artisanally-made cotton fabric, and wool cloth. 


This process served as a profound reminder that we were born to create. It is our birthright. The only limitations are in our minds, and we have the power to free our minds. When we encounter barriers that seem hard to overcome, we can rest assured that our infinite imagination is a most powerful force.


When we can’t plan for the future, will we trust and remain focused on the present? Reflection on the illusion of control: 


Collection No. 2.5 is being presented almost a month “late” because of our crazy assumption that planning is possible. There were other events and initiatives meant to be released along with it, but their moment is yet to come. 


In truth, this release simply is - not early, not late. It just is. Our desire to control our existence within time is what judges something as being “delayed”. Could life be more peaceful if we trusted in perfect timing and let things unfold organically?


We’re learning to accept that the future might never be as predictable again. The only thing we can control is our action within the ever-changing NOW.


When time no longer has the same meaning, will we choose to let go of its constraints?

Reflection on time and self sabotage: 


This release felt like chasing a moving target. It was postponed more times than we care to count. Each time came loaded with self-imposed stress and guilt. Why do we associate postponement with failure? Why should we prioritize speed over quality? Is it worth it to constrict the rhythms of our lives and our creation in order to meet a timeline? 


We believe creation should emanate joy, love and patience. We should allow ourselves to take our sweet time in order to capture that gentleness in our lives and our creation. Time is one of the old system’s tools for control. It’s a blessing to realize that our worth is not determined by how many hours we work or how productive we are. Once we realize it, we can unlearn and embody freedom from time’s constraints.


An invitation to taste our own freedom:


We invite you to do an exercise with us. Let’s experiment what it feels like to forget about the past and the future. For one week, let’s commit to remaining in the NOW. This means not spending any time thinking about the past or the future. You can go as far as not even setting an alarm clock and not scheduling any meetings - just letting interactions happen when the right moment arises. Instead of scheduling a meeting a week in advance, suggest to your co-workers to send a text when they feel the right moment has come. You’ll be surprised to realize that we are much more synchronized than we allow ourselves to notice. You’ll also be surprised by how obsessed with planning your own and others’ minds are. You might realize that time has more control over you than you have over time.


For just one week, sense what it feels to not have any attachments to moments outside of now, outside of what's real. Taste the freedom of doing what you want, when you want it. Do your best to be comfortable with not knowing where you’ll be in one hour, one day, one month, one year. Trust that it’ll get you closer to being truly free, and being where you need to be. Take a hold of the only thing that we can control - the ever-changing NOW.


If this doesn’t seem to be the week for you, do it whenever you feel ready. Maybe start with just one day. And please, let us know how it goes!


With much love,

The Team at Allpamamas

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