Welcome to a time outside of time, where the only certainty is this present moment. Welcome to a space outside of space, where the shatters of an old reality wait to be reassembled through conscious design.


Collection 2.5 is product of our team’s creative escape during confinement. Above all, we are amazed by the personal and collective growth that this collection has gifted us. We share some of those reflections in our latest blog post.


This release is made up of 40 pieces in total, all one-of-a-kind or limited quantity designs. To create it, we had to use the materials we had at hand. The funky fabrics are vintage from the late 60’s, all from co-founder María’s personal collection. Other materials are handwoven cotton, wool and upcycled jeans collected from our customers through our Jean Lab.


Collection 2.5 was created by our team of 10 from our respective homes, with no physical interaction amongst us but lots of creative exchange.


This release also announces the return of Pay What You Can, our tiered-pricing initiative to offer financially accessible sustainable fashion. This pricing model enables us to at least cover production costs and salaries during these unprecedented times.