IKAT 004: Upcycled jean. Hand woven cotton, plant dyed. Wood buttons.

IKAT 001: Hand woven cotton, plant dyed. Coconut shell buttons. Vintage crepe lining.

IKAT 002: Hand woven cotton, plant dyed.

IKAT 005: Hand woven cotton, plant dyed. Loom woven cotton. Wearable in 4 ways.

IKAT 006: Hand woven cotton, plant dyed. Wearable in 4 ways.

MATICO 001 (shirt): Loom woven cotton, plant dyed.

All the patterned fabrics up until here were hand woven and hand dyed by Carmen Orellana. She was awarded the Excellence in Artisanship prize by UNESCO. Carmen was involved in establishing Ikat weaving as Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of Ecuador, which protects the craft from appropriation by other groups. Watch our video documenting Carmen's work

SALASAKA 001 & 002: 50% hand-spun wool, plant dyed. 50% cotton. Tagua seed buttons, plant dyed.

The wool threads in this fabric are hand-spun. The community in Salasaka who make it own the whole process: from sheep to fabric. They dye it with elements they cultivate in their own backyard. 


With a story like this one, these pieces will not only keep your body warm - they will also warm your heart. We're grateful for the Andes Materials team, who custom made this fabric for us.

BORDADO 002 & 003: Linen. Hand embroidered cotton thread, plant dyed.

BORDADO 004 (coat): Wool, synthetic dye. Hand embroidered cotton thread, plant dyed.


This coat was embroidered by Tránsito. She agreed to such a challenging design because of the insistence of her son Samuel, who just loved the dogs on it. They are "perros runa", the mixed breed countryside dogs who belong to everyone, and no one. On the day we were shooting, the rain ruined our plan of shooting outdoors. Tránsito, who embroidered this whole outfit, invited us to shoot in her home. Samuel assisted by holding the extension chord and checking if the rain had stopped every so often. Full circle.

PATCHWORK 001: Made with leftover fabric. Upcycled jean. Wool, synthetic dye. Hand-woven cotton, plant dyed.

BORDADO 001: Upcycled jean. Hand embroidered cotton thread, plant dyed.

MATICO 001: Loom woven cotton (black: synthetic dye)

All the fabric on this dress was woven on Matico's pedal loom. She and her daughter, Paola, run a project with indigenous Otavalo women weavers, called Huarmi Maqui, "women's hands" in Kichwa. Check it out

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