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The creative process behind Collection No.2 happened during the time of the largest indigenous uprising Ecuador has seen since 1992. The whole country collapsed for almost two weeks, preventing us from communicating with our teams in different regions, and not allowing us to access materials or go to our studio. The air was dense - yet it smelled of liberation. Hundreds of indigenous communities peacefully took Quito’s streets and demonstrated the power in their unity. 


The uprising popped the bubbles of social separation in Ecuador, out of which deep wounds and polarization emerged. This situation is reflected in Collection No.2 in ways that are evident, and probably in ways that are not.


Allpamamas, our intercultural project made up of a white-passing Ecuadorian, a Spaniard and 11 indigenous Ecuadorians had never seemed so relevant. The desire to heal is in all of us, and the work we do is our medicine. When we create together we are one. We become runa kuna, true human beings capable of creating light.


Thank you for being a part of this journey. Rikuni shungu - we see you with our hearts.


DEC 18, 2019

The Assemblage

Conscious Holiday Market
17 John st, New York



Tickets required:
Free for members / $36 public using promo code

DEC 20, 2019


Collaboration Launch Party & Pop-Up
57 7th Ave, Brooklyn



Open to the public

If you know us, you know. We're in business to spread a message. We share the wisdom of the Andes, of the solar cultures this land, of living a nature-based spiritual life. This stays true in our events, which are interactive, immersive experiences that will activate your senses through smells, flavors, stories and sounds.


Come see it for yourself!

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